What Women have to say about SuBAMUH

What women have to say

“I miss SuBAMUH so much. The beautiful land, the pond, the people. I left Athens this past fall to move to Utah. I have been searching for a place similar to SuBAMUH here but have had no luck. I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate the work you do to make it all possible. It is a wonderful place. I hope to come back and visit soon,” Jessica Murray.

“I propose the name of this cabin be changed to The Five Star Cabin – one star does not do it justice. This is my first trip back to this land in a decade and I promise much less time will pass before I wander this way again! Thank you for sharing your vision, hospitality and home with us. Traveling on to hectic family commitments with more peace than when we came – and with visions of a Divine light show still playing in our minds.” Ann Louise and Shelby. July 19, 2002

A perfect place to enjoy conversation and scenery

Susan B. Anthony’s legacy as a feminist pioneer drew this organization to use her name. “She was concerned not just about suffrage, but about womyn’s lot in life in general. She was so fearless and traveled so much in her mission to gain womyn’s rights. She did so much of it alone at a time when there were no womyn’s organizations to help find meeting space or do publicity.” – Jan

“Pure rustic camping in beautiful rural atmosphere.” – Summer

“It’s reserved as a space where womyn can gather and share life experiences, discuss womyn’s issues and solutions, or learn building skills including carpentry, electrical wiring and…as a place of rest and reflection.” – Kelee

“Thank you to Great Spirit and to the women who plant trees, welcome sisters and care for this land and her ways. Yay! The sounds, smells, sights and work of HOME fill me and renew.” – Diantha and Ann

“Enjoyed working on the land and in the kitchen with the other womyn here. Voices and laughter float my way from the pond. I feel so alive here!” – Kristin

Womyn share a meal at SuBAMUH’s outdoor kitchen

“I had a great time. Everything is so clean and organized. I appreciate that.” – Renee Wrest

If you have comment about SuBAMUH, contact us, we’d like to hear from you.

5 thoughts on “What Women have to say about SuBAMUH

  1. I cannot express how much this community of women means to me already and I have only met them once! So welcoming and generous and full of spirit. I can’t wait to go back again and again…

  2. I am just so glad to know you exist! Thank you for existing!

  3. Yes, I love Carolita’s comment : Thank-you just for existing!
    I haven’t made it to the land , or met any suBAMAH dwellers yet, but hope to sometime this summer.


  4. I need to make my way….sooner over later for a camping visit…..is small dog counterpart a problem…?

    1. Hi Becky – yes, small dog counterpart is more than welcome! Hope to see you soon! If you are free October 19th we are having a woodgathering party, potluck, bonfire, and Jo is making a haunted trail!

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