The beautiful, hilly, forested 151 acres with a great swimming pond is owned by the trust, with residents having a lease for their particular dwelling and adjoining area. Leases give the feel and many of the privileges of ownership. A variety of scenic building sites are available. There are currently 3 year-round residences on the land – the original farmhouse with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, a 2-bedroom house with full bath, and a one room cabin with bath. We are currently finishing a rustic off-grid cabin that can be used as a residence or for glamping visitors. Transitional housing is available for women and LGBTQ folks exploring the possibilities of living on the land or short term internships. 5 people currently reside on the land.

SuBAMUH expects residents to be able to live independently. Each resident pays for all of their own expenses and supports herself financially. Residents pay a monthly fee to cover common expenses such as insurance, taxes, maintenance, mowers, gasoline, etc. All residents also share the community work and serve as staff for the programs SuBAMUH sponsors. 8-10 hours of work per month per resident are expected, with more needed during the warm months. SuBAMUH is flexible on meat eating/vegetarianism, raising farm animals, occasional male visitors. No guns are allowed.

Care for residents who experience temporary, disabling conditions will be negotiated at the time by the residents on the land.

Women and LGBTQ folk interested in exploring intentional community can ask for provisional membership. One year residency is required for full residential membership. There is a $3,000 non-refundable land use and development fee, which can be paid over a 5 year period. If a provisional member who has been renting becomes a full residential member, $50 of her monthly rent retroactively will count toward her $3,000 land use and development fee.

Residents are not required to make a lifetime commitment. If a residential member finds it necessary to leave, the community will return to her any housing equity she has invested. The return will be made over a period of time according to a specified schedule established by the Board.

It is not uncommon for people to take an extended period of time to consider living in community with other people. SuBAMUH residents and members are glad to accompany you on that journey through correspondence, written materials, and personal visits

6 thoughts on “Residents

  1. I am quite interested in the 2 bdrm available, for a month or two to start. My preference would be a 1 bdrm cottage/ cabin w possibility of building my own timberdig, if I decide this the place I’ve been looking for. Will be in the Cincinnati about 2 months, would love to stop by then. Keep me abreast if you could. Thank you, Yardley

    1. None of the four houses is available at the moment, we do have a bedroom in a residents house available for rent. The first step for people interested in living at SuBAMUH is to schedule a visit. Our email is if you would like to arrange a time to come out to see the land and meet us.

  2. what type of accommodations are available this winter ?

    1. In the winter we have guest rooms available in resident houses for $20/night for up to two weeks. Long term housing depends on availability and a visit and interview are needed prior to rental.

  3. I just had the pleasure of spending a weekend in ARF. I would like.more information about Womyns Lands.

  4. Sounds great and I wish I had learned of it sooner. Nothing is dated on the site except the comments so it is hard to tell in what state of operation you are.

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